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Space Cowboy(s)

See you later space cowboy...

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FAN GIRL SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The legends are back!  I’ve miss you Hwanhee and Brian, you weren’t the same with out each other~


After 6 years, and they’re back!
still taking it in o.o

Japanese Plum Hard Candy Koume

Just made an order on this Japanese plum candy omfg! its so good!

The day I get to go to Japan, I would make a whole playlist of Utada Hikaru music, and listen to it all the way to Japan. Many years ago on the day  I discover her music was the day I knew my heart was in Japan .

Just made a donation to the Philippines~


Foodies I had a the Orlando Japanese Festival. SOOO good, first time having inari!

Omg Pikachu is mad cute on Pokemon X!

All the stuff I purchased today at the Asian market.

Omg yes!

me before work the other day~
hopefully no one sees this and it gets over look XD

I pre-ordered Pokémon X!

Also my friend code: 2294-4256-3124