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Do not expect any consistency from this blog, I post what I find enjoyable but its mainly Japanese and Korean shit. Or bits of my life "all jumbled together". If you don't like what I post kindly unfollow. --------

None of the photos i post are mine unless stated otherwise.

Space Cowboy(s)

See you later space cowboy...

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  The name is Samii 야 재수 없어 

  • Freelance Graphic Designer.
  • Adores K-indie Aka Korean Indie and K-R&B.  
  • I’ve two x chromosomes.
  • Lone Wolf Δ.
  • I <3 K-POP!
  • Pastel Music Fan.
  • Kfashion & Jfashion = LOVE 
  • I want to travel the world ✈

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I live for Graphic Designing; It’s one of my biggest passion in life. I’ve a genuine love for art. I adore the Japanese and Korean culture. .